07 Winter Shoe Trends That You Can’t Miss

While experimenting with new-season clothing trends might be daunting, trying out new shoe trends is frequently far more approachable. Not only do they make up a lesser portion of your ensemble than a whole outfit, but they are also far more easily changed out for a backup pair in case you change your mind by lunch.

But what are the shoe trends this festive season?

Autumn/winter 2023 offers it everything, whether you’re enjoying comfortable sneakers or heels, want something that will stand out, or are searching for a classic new pair that will carry you through many seasons to come.

These are the seven major shoe trends that you will soon see everywhere.


Time for a fresh shape to take the stage after years of the square-toe dominating the fashion scene. Thankfully, other sectors of the business are not adopting the rounded-toe style, despite its current popularity in the ballet flat market. As an alternative, the point is everything. Furthermore, not just any point… The more forceful and pointed the tip on your shoe is, the more in style it is. If your shoe appears like it might pierce a football, you’re probably not in the correct place, whether you’re shopping for courts or boots, stilettos or flats. Unless, that is, you play football.


A little metallic action is the definition of party season. Nevertheless, some of our favorite design companies have chosen to slightly advance the celebration with some very amazing silver footwear alternatives for winter, even if we still have a few months until those Christmas activities begin. We would be lying if we claimed we weren’t sold the instant we saw the first pair on the runway. They’re the ideal way to play up a full-length pullover, balance an angelic white tight moment, or add a high fashion edge to your date night ensemble.


Although the Mary Jane may be the iconic style that most shoe enthusiasts are now drawn to, the T-bar will soon replace it.In its flat version, this incredibly classic school shoe form aims for a more established womenswear style for winter. It’s a surprisingly adaptable appearance that goes well with office attire, jeans, evening gowns, and heels. It’s often monochromatic in color. It is advisable to wear yours with something maybe a touch risqué to prevent seeming too twee; sheer or lace elements are a safe bet.


Reversing the direction of the previous two moods, one of the main shoe styles for the season is more heavier. This style is all about embracing the “Wrong Shoe Theory.” Imagine yourself wearing oversized, hefty loafers with a thick rubber sole that appear like you may have plundered the archaic “stereotypical” menswear area of your neighborhood department store. Nothing this winter would look better than a thick loafer, whether you’re wearing your coziest jeans, a professional skirt suit, or an extremely seductive pantsuit ensemble.


The court shoe, which is back in a major way this season, is a shoe trend that works well for crossing off not one, but two items on our list, so you should definitely make yours stand out. Once considered the go-to shoe choice for office workers worldwide, it’s quickly rising to the top of the shoe trends for any occasion. Have you ever worn yours with an evening gown? Sure, they look fantastic with a trouser suit. A mid-length denim skirt? A maxi dress made of knit? An overcoat? This is another silhouette that, as much as we hate to admit it, actually fits the trending Wrong Shoe Theory.


Although “flowers for spring” and “boots for winter” are equally clear trends, Miranda Priestly already seems to be acknowledging our point. An unexpected sibling is slinking up the inside lane, poised to grab our affections, while ankle boots and knee-highs have been vying for our attention in recent years. The midi boot is marginally higher than the traditional Dr. Martens form, and it sits, as you should have figured by now, halfway between the ankle and the knee. Comparable in style, this season’s key is making sure all of yours are laced up.


The season’s last big shoe trend—the souped-up sneaker—is our peace gift to those of you who are seeing heels, hearing “points,” and flinching away from anything metallic. Sometimes your beloved trainers will have to do—they’re definitely more comfortable than anything else on this list. However, for this season in particular, substance need not take precedence over style, since both combine well thanks to a number of well-known fashion houses, several of which have partnered with iconic shoe brands. We’re looking at you, Cecilie Bahnsen x Asics and Miu Miu x New Balance.

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